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How many cleaners will be in my house?
Most of our customers prefer individual service; however, we can provide a team upon request.
Who supplies the cleaning supplies and vacuum?
Due to the concern of cross contamination between homes, many of our customers choose to provide their own supplies and vacuum.  However, we will provide all of the necessary supplies and vacuum at the homeowners’ request.  There are additional charges for this option.
What does customized cleaning mean?
With customized cleaning, the cleaning is designed to meet each homeowner’s needs.  It is flexible and can change upon request if different needs are desired at each service.  Changing linens, laundry, refrigerator and oven cleaning, cleaning inside windows within reach, etc. are just some of the things we can clean during your normal cleaning service.  If it falls within normal house cleaning duties, we can clean it!
Will I have the same cleaner each time?
Yes.  We will assign a cleaning person to your home.  If you are satisfied with the first person we assign to your home, that person will continue to service your home.  Otherwise, we will work with you to find the most compatible person to clean your home.  In the event your cleaning person is unable to make it on your scheduled day, we will do our best to assign someone else if necessary or reschedule your cleaning person for another day.
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